Wasatch Smart Finance feels this is the perfect year to annuitize retirement funds and purchase an annuity in 2020

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Wasatch Smart Finance, renowned in Utah for its life insurance, annuity, and financial coaching services, is now helping Utah residents acquire the most relevant annuity for their requirements. There are more than 25 life insurance and annuity companies and various products to choose from.

Syracuse, UT: According to announcements released by Wasatch Smart Finance and Kit Eizenga, the company wants to remind prospective Utah retirees that 2020 is a perfect year to consider annuities. In fact, many people are asking when is the right time to buy an annuity[1]?

Mr. Eizenga discusses the reason why this year (2020) should be the perfect time to annuitize is the economic issues we have had due to COVID-19. He reminds us that many of the world economies are still unsettled due to the COVID-19 outbreak and stock markets around the world could have significant issues. He further comments an annuity is a great tool for those that are too old to whether additional stock market downturns. He further commented “We could be at the beginning of this economic shock. A lot of the stock market positivity we see happens to be an effect of the overcapitalization of a few companies. Many top companies of the S&P 500 have extremely high historical Price to Earnings ratios which makes the market seem overbought. All these economic indicators make it an opportune time to purchase an annuity.

In addition, Mr. Eizenga also tells us of Wasatch Smart Finance’s sophisticated process of Annuity Planning[2] to ensure that people still leave some money in the market because even though a market downturn seems imminent no one truly knows what will happen after the election and through the winter. Methods for transferring money from 401k’s to annuities often use Single Premium Deferred Annuities ensuring that money stays taxed deferred until retirement. Using a fixed indexed annuity to further capture market gains but not losses help protect an IRA from market downturns. For those already in retirement, we focus on an Immediate Fixed Income Annuities that have a fixed rate and can be a good transfer from wealth to income.

Talking about his passion for what he does and the need for establishing Wasatch Smart Finance, Mr. Eizenga said, “I felt that there were plenty of life insurance companies out there, just not enough of them that cared about people’s total financial futures. This is what inspired me to open Wasatch Smart Finance. I wanted to have a place where people could discuss their financial issues beyond just life insurance and annuities. A place where we can talk about estate and retirement planning. Wasatch Smart Finance is known for its life insurance, annuities, and financial coaching services. The company has helped individuals find the right annuity for their retirement.

Wasatch Smart Finance would like to remind you of their new partnership with Ethos Life[3]. Also, they have opened a new location in Nevada[4] at 1215 Kleppe Ln, Sparks, NV 89431.

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