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This report contains a correction. For background information, see “Overview of U.S. Ocean Governance[1]” and “Overview of China Ocean Governance[2].” 中文版[3] Introduction and summary The United States and China share a deep common interest in ocean protection. The world’s ocean and coastal resources are currently under threat from overfishing, pollution, and unchecked resource extraction. Global ocean health is declining rapidly and...

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Levy, K., R.M. Fujita, and T.F. Young, 1995. Designing restoration of the San Francisco Bay-Delta-River Ecosystem—Framework for developing ecological indicators and thresholds. Discussion paper for the workshop “Restoration of the San Francisco Bay-Delta-River Ecosystem: Choosing Indicators of Ecological Integrity.” Environmental Defense Fund, Oakland, Calif. Lichtkoppler, F.R. 1997. Ohio’s Lake Erie charter fishing industry: 1985–1994. Fisheries 22(1):14–21. Lluch-Belda, D., R.J.M. Crawford,...

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Gmp Capital Inc (GMP-T) Quote

Common Shareholders Should Vote FOR the RGMP Transaction Resolution and FOR the Company’s Board Nominees TORONTO , Sept. 22, 2020 /CNW/ – GMP Capital Inc. (“GMP” or the “Company”) (TSX:GMP.TO) today announced that it filed and is mailing another letter to common shareholders and has published a new Question and Answer document for common shareholders. The letter is available on...

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